The Spunky Bryson

The Spunky Bryson

Meet the spunky Bryson! Bryson is 2.5 year old and attends PediaPlex for speech therapy.

About Bryson

Bryson is a fun and bright 2.5-year-old! He loves to read books, play with puzzles and pretend play. His mom says that his imagination is really starting to show as he plays because he will pretend to get hurt and play as a doctor or even pretend to be hungry and set the table with his play food and dishes! When he isn’t at PediaPlex you might find him hanging out with his two older brothers who he loves to play with and boss around! “They do everything he wants to do. Bryson is definitely in charge!” says his mom.

About Bryson

Bryson’s favorite vacation so far has been traveling to San Antonio where he was able to feed the animals at the Wildlife Ranch and also getting loose in the Mirror Maze! A fun fact about Bryson is that he was born on Super Bowl Sunday! We also want to give a shout-out to Bryson’s dad who is a Navy Reservist and recently served in Italy- thank you for your service!

Bryson’s Speech Sessions

Bryson receives speech therapy at PediaPlex with Ms. Dara and has been attending for 6 months now. His mom says that he loves all of the activities they do in speech because he feels like they get to play the whole time. He also loves Ms. Dara! “Our experience at PediaPlex has been great. Everyone is so sweet and nice that we have encountered. Ms. Dara is a true gift, and she is so good with not only Bryson but being able to explain everything to the parents.”

When Bryson first started at PediaPlex he was not speaking at all. Within these 6 months that they have been attending he has started to say so many new words. When he first started he was terrified and didn’t want to lose sight of his mom before going into the therapy room. Now he leaves the car without even looking his mom and walks straight to Ms. Dara’s room! Mom says that PediaPlex is the highlight of his day!

“Ms. Dara takes the time to explain everything she did and reassures me with what I am doing. Therapies can often be hard for others on the outside to understand because they expect a quick fix. While I know Bryson still has a long way to go, I appreciated and acknowledge how far he has come because of the work Ms. Dara has done.”

Bryson’s Speech Sessions

We are thrilled to hear such kind words about Bryson and his experience at PediaPlex with Ms. Dara! We asked Dara to share her experience as well and this is what she had to say about Bryson:


“Bryson is a joy to work with in speech therapy! He comes in and knows exactly what to do. Bryson has opened up and built so much on expressing himself across environments. He engages well and is willing to try new things! Bryson is a rock star!” – Dara R., Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech Therapy

PediaPlex offers speech therapy for children in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our pediatric speech therapists can help your child to improve their speech, language, and communication skills so that it is easier for them to express their needs and thoughts. Speech therapists work with children on articulation, language, functional communication, social skills, and feeding disorders. A child’s speech is extremely important for their development so it’s important to grow these skills when they are young so that they can properly communicate as they get older.

Early intervention for speech therapy is key! If you think your child might benefit from speech therapy, fill out an intake form today! We have locations in Southlake, Frisco, and Fort Worth.

-The PediaPlex Family

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