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Handwriting Evaluations

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Having good handwriting is more than just a desirable skill. It uses a variety of fine motor skills needed for many other everyday tasks. If your child has difficulty with handwriting, consider handwriting evaluations at PediaPlex. Autism spectrum disorder specialist Sonia Kirkpatrick, MBA, and her team of licensed therapists provide this service for children of all ages at their Southlake, Alliance, Fort Worth, and Frisco, Texas, office locations. Schedule an evaluation by phone today.

Handwriting Evaluations Q & A

What are handwriting evaluations?

Handwriting evaluations at PediaPlex assess whether or not your child has coordination problems or other disorders that affect fine motor skills and handwriting. Writing requires core strength, visual coordination, fine motor skills, hand strength, and much more.

Evaluations and treatments with PediaPlex experts help your child develop the skills needed to improve handwriting and perform better at school. Identifying handwriting problems early can help your child correct weaknesses before bad habits develop.

Does my child need a handwriting evaluation?

Signs that your child might be struggling with handwriting include writing that is:

  • Difficult to read
  • Sloppy
  • Messier than their peers
  • Inconsistent
  • Not age-appropriate

Your child might avoid writing tasks because handwriting is difficult for them. They could become frustrated in school because of an inability to keep up with their peers. Your child’s grades may also suffer because of handwriting challenges.

What happens during handwriting evaluations?

To find out if your child can benefit from occupational therapy at PediaPlex, experts complete comprehensive handwriting evaluations. They ask you and your child questions and have them complete a variety of activities that assess their ability to write legibly. Therapists observe them while they write and develop individualized therapy plans that best address your child’s needs.

Why does my child have handwriting challenges?

The cause of handwriting struggles isn’t always clear. It could result because your child has difficulty paying attention, feels rushed when writing, or because of impaired fine motor functioning. Other risk factors include visual-motor skill challenges, weak hand strength or grip, poor posture, and difficulty coordinating your child’s eyes with the rest of their body.

Handwriting struggles are common in children with autism spectrum disorder and developmental delays.

What are the solutions for poor handwriting?

PediaPlex therapists offer a variety of treatments that help your child improve hand strength, grip, and hand-eye coordination when writing. They complete strengthening exercises and other activities that improve the ability to write neatly over time.

To learn more about handwriting evaluations and treatments at PediaPlex and find out if they’re right for your child, call the office.