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About our Founder and CEO, Sonia Kirkpatrick

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Sonia noticed her oldest daughter was behind developmentally when compared to her siblings; she was insensitive to pain, lacked motor-skill dexterity, was inattentive, and could not interact socially with other children. After thousands of miles traveled in search of answers and countless appointments with pediatricians, neurological psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists, she received a diagnosis: Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD coupled with Dyspraxia.

Sonia spent two years orchestrating multiple evaluations, consultations and referrals across the country, expending valuable time and resources that could have been better used to treat her daughter. She wondered how many others had experienced what she and her family had struggled to find.

From this highly personal journey, Sonia developed a vision for a clinic where a child could be evaluated, diagnosed and treated by a multidisciplinary team of professionals in a single, collaborative location. Thus, the concept for PediaPlex was born.

Sonia took this concept and spent years researching the types of specialists that are necessary to help diagnose and treat children with these challenges. In doing so, she finely tuned her business plan for PediaPlex while completing her MBA at the University of Dallas and became deeply entrenched in the pediatric behavioral health community in North Texas. She recruited and assembled a first-class team of professionals and proudly opened PediaPlex on January 2, 2012 in Southlake, Texas. Since then, additional PediaPlex locations have opened in Fort Worth and Frisco, Texas.

With her passion for helping families going through similar hardships combined with her extensive business experience in accounting and finance, Sonia has successfully established PediaPlex as one of the only collaborative care clinics in the country and the leading diagnostic and therapeutic center in DFW. Prior to opening PediaPlex, Sonia spent more than 20 years in accounting and finance positions at companies such as Nokia, CSF, Automation Resources and The North American Coal Corporation. Her most recent role as Director of Global Operational Excellence, Strategy and Projects at Nokia provided valuable experience in understanding the importance of financial rigor applied to any business, including medical offices, as well as the discipline of tracking metrics that produce repeatable results, which have significantly contributed to her continued success as Founder and CEO of PediaPlex.

As a 2021 inductee into the University of Dallas Gupta College of Business Hall of Fame and the 2013 Distinguished Alumni of the Year, Sonia is an active member of the University of Dallas. She currently serves on the Advisory Board for the University of Dallas and has been the alumni speaker at several of the University’s commencement ceremonies for graduate programs. Sonia also serves on the Parker University Advisory Committee for the AOTA program. She is now on the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History Advisory ASD Board and has served as the keynote Commencement speaker for Parker University Health Sciences.

Sonia has appeared on the NBC Texas Today show, The Broadcast, and Fox 4 news with Heather Hays discussing autism. She has also been the feature story in D Magazine.


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PediaPlex is an autism spectrum disorder-specialty practice led by Sonia Kirkpatrick, MBA, and her expert team, with locations in Southlake, Alliance, Fort Worth, and Frisco, Texas. Ms. Kirkpatrick was inspired to open the practice after her daughter was diagnosed with autism. PediaPlex is a collaborative center that encompasses all therapies to reduce the severity of autism spectrum disorder symptoms and help children thrive better at school, at home, and in interpersonal relationships.

The practice offers applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, CentralReach ABA software, speech therapy, occupational therapy, feeding therapy, and more—all in one location. Providers at PediaPlex are registered behavioral therapists and highly trained in their fields. They maintain their expert credentials with continuing education, to stay current in the latest advances in autism spectrum disorder therapies and other treatments.

The experienced team personalizes treatments for children based on their individualized needs and goals, because autism affects each child differently. After receiving an autism diagnosis, children at PediaPlex begin treatment to improve behaviors, social skills, and communication with friendly, compassionate therapists. To learn more about the many autism spectrum disorder treatments available at PediaPlex, schedule an evaluation for your child by phone today.

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Autism is a Super Power!

Autism is a Super Power!

Call Today to Request Your Appointment

Call Today to Request Your Appointment

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Words from our patients

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    "I'm not much into writing reviews, but for this business, I would gladly give 100 stars and am beyond honored to write a review for PediaPlex."

    Landon M.
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    "Not only is the facility ascetically pleasing to look at all around from the bright colors and themed areas, but it is laid out FUNCTIONALLY which is so different..."

    Heather S.
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    "He has been in During this short time, the staff at Pediaplex has helped us to understand his diagnosis better, while also providing much needed support to our family "

    Danandemily C.
  • Google

    "My son has grown leaps and bounds since starting speech therapy here back in October. Forever grateful for everything."

    Dell R.
  • Google

    "Outstanding office staff and therapists."

    Heather H.
  • Google

    "Great facility! Very happy with the progress my daughter has made since she started going there."

    Amna R.
  • Google

    "This facility genuinely cares about their jobs and these kids so much it makes me just overwhelmed with gratitude. Cannot say enough good things about our support team."

    Kellie R.
  • Google

    "The owner is an amazing person driven to help all ABA, OT and Speech therapy recipients get the assistance they need for success."

    Cynthia C.
  • Google

    "The owner has the Biggest Caring Heart !! The Staff at Pediaplex is phenomenal!"

    Virginia L.
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    "The most compassionate and collaborative place for a child to receive therapy for autism or a developmental delay."

    Zan J.
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