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ABA Therapy

PediaPlex -  - Autism Spectrum Disorder


Autism Spectrum Disorder & ABA Therapy located in Southlake, TX, Alliance, Fort Worth, TX & Frisco, TX

If your child has autism, a wide array of treatments are within reach at PediaPlex, with locations in Southlake, Alliance, Fort Worth, and Frisco, Texas. Autism spectrum disorder specialist Sonia Kirkpatrick, MBA, and her highly trained team offer applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy to improve social and communication skills in autistic children. Call the office to schedule an evaluation.

ABA Therapy Q & A

What is ABA therapy?

Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy uses an evidence-based approach to improve the ability of children with autism to communicate, socialize, and function as well as possible at home, school, and in interpersonal relationships. PediaPlex offers ABA therapy in a positive, friendly, and fun learning environment. 

Is ABA therapy right for my child?

To learn whether your child is a good fit for ABA therapy, the team at PediaPlex completes a comprehensive autism assessment. They ask children and their families a series of questions and refer to a medical diagnosis from a licensed psychologist, child psychiatrist, or developmental pediatrician.

Providers ask your child to complete various tests to determine the severity of their condition, before personalizing an autism treatment plan that best matches their individualized needs.

What happens during ABA therapy?

ABA therapy encompasses a wide array of treatments to help your child thrive. Examples include:

School readiness

School readiness is part of the ABA program at PediaPlex. Compassionate therapists work with children to bridge the gap between ABA intervention and a child’s typical school environment. 

Board-certified behavior analysts at PediaPlex develop school readiness skills based on your child’s unique needs and abilities using the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP).

This program targets literacy skills, math skills, development, and social skills training using a 1:1 child-to-therapist ratio.


Shaping is a type of ABA strategy that’s useful for reinforcing a child’s skill levels and building upon them to move closer toward an end goal. Slow, gradual changes during therapy sessions help children progress over time.


Chaining is a type of ABA strategy that breaks large tasks into smaller tasks to make accomplishing specific goals, such as tying shoes, easier for children. Chaining uses reinforcement and monitoring of each smaller step until a child can reach an end goal without assistance.

What are the benefits of ABA therapy?

ABA therapy at PediaPlex gives children personalized attention and highly effective treatments that can dramatically improve the basic skills needed to function well in their environment. 

Highly trained, reliable PediaPlex providers support families by guiding decisions and using one-on-one sessions, as well as group time, to practice new behaviors and social skills.

Using evidence-based treatments, ABA therapy can make a significant impact in the lives of children with autism and their families. PediaPlex providers also offer speech therapy and occupational therapy, all in one location.

To learn more about ABA therapy at PediaPlex, call the office, or schedule an evaluation for your child online today.