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Autism Specialist

PediaPlex -  - Autism Spectrum Disorder


Autism Spectrum Disorder & ABA Therapy located in Southlake, TX, Alliance, Fort Worth, TX & Frisco, TX

If you suspect your child has autism because of awkwardness in social situations, developmental delays, communication problems, or other signs of autism spectrum disorder, providers at PediaPlex are here for you. Autism specialist Sonia Kirkpatrick, MBA, and her skilled team effectively treat kids of all ages with autism at their three office locations in Southlake, Alliance, Fort Worth, and Frisco, Texas. Schedule an appointment by phone today.

Autism Q & A

What is autism?

At PediaPlex, the expert team of therapists assesses a medical diagnosis of autism to develop applied behavioral analysis (ABA) treatment plans for kids of all ages. The first step of beginning highly effective ABA therapy programs is an autism diagnosis by a medical professional. 

What happens during an autism evaluation?

When your child arrives at PediaPlex to get evaluated for autism, specialists assess written evaluation reports from a qualified medical provider. An autism spectrum disorder diagnosis is made after autism evaluations are administered by licensed psychologists, child psychiatrists, or developmental pediatricians. 

An official autism diagnosis can allow you to receive insurance coverage for ABA services, as school-based diagnoses don’t meet the qualification requirements.

What should I expect during autism assessments?

To make a diagnosis, a qualified medical professional performs an assessment of your child’s symptoms and has them complete specific diagnostic tests. 

PediaPlex highly recommends you ask for the ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, 2nd edition) test, which is the most common test for making a formal diagnosis of autism. It helps to accurately assess autism spectrum disorders based on age, developmental level, and language skills.

If your child’s autism report doesn’t meet requirements for insurance coverage, PediaPlex coordinators can help you gain access to the proper reports.

Does my child have autism?

Your child’s psychologist or developmental pediatrician lets you know if your child has autism after determining if they have persistent deficits in social communication, social interaction, and other areas of development. 

School-based autism assessments are in place to determine if your child qualifies for special education services. They aren’t used to determine insurance coverage eligibility for ABA therapy. 

PediaPlex providers let you know if you require updated autism evaluations to continue receiving insurance coverage for autism spectrum disorder therapies.

Which autism treatments are available?

In addition to ABA therapy available for autistic children at PediaPlex, additional treatments include occupational therapy and speech therapy. It’s important to note that there’s no cure for autism, but treatments help your child function at their best at home, in a school environment, and in interpersonal relationships.

To learn more about autism and treatments available at PediaPlex, call the office to schedule an appointment today.