Ring Around the Rosie; Try Not to Fall Down

Ring Around the Rosie; Try Not to Fall Down

Ring Around the Rosie; Try Not to Fall Down

Walking was not easy for me, even going back until I was about eighteen months, which was the age when I took my first step. Up until the fourth grade, I was constantly falling down; I fell down between thirty to forty times a day, and there was not one day at Florence Elementary school when I did not come home with scratched up or bruised knees and legs. Even though I fell down, and it did not matter how I did, whether I was pushed or because I just tripped on thin air, I always got back up.

The only reason I got back up was my determination to keep on walking or running. I wanted to get to where I was going and you cannot get anywhere if you do not have the determination to get back up and try again. Eventually I guess my mom was tired of me coming home from school and decided to find out why I was falling down all the time and soon enough I was enrolled in Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapy has helped me so much that now I only fall if I actually trip on something physically present. Physical Therapy has strengthened my body to the point that physical activity is just easy. Physical Therapy in my opinion builds confidence as well, so that any task seems like an easy one.

Now with Graduation less than three months away, I am confident and ecstatic to know that I will not be falling while I walk across stage to receive my High School Diploma.

Tell me about an experience where you got back up after you fell. Leave a comment below!

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