Skiing does not have to be a Downhill Experience

Skiing does not have to be a Downhill Experience

Skiing does not have to be a Downhill Experience

I was not good at sports as a child and am currently still in the same situation. I may not have been good at sports, but I still enjoyed them just as I would have if I had been given Athletic potential to be good at a sport. I was good at tennis, but not to the point of getting serious about it. I tried to be on a swim team, but my coach was overbearing on practicing especially before a meet, so I decided to stop swimming on the swim team even though I was an excellent swimmer.

This past year I tried participating for the girls’ basketball tournament that lasted three days and I had never played basketball before so I just decided to do to have fun. I thought that I was going to go home with just a scraped knee or a twisted ankle; something minor. That was not the case at all, considering I did not move out of the way of a girl fast enough to where she rammed into the back of my left leg. I fell, but still tried to stand up and unable to walk they took me out of the game.

Sometimes I think that playing sports is not all that great because playing for five minutes in one sport ended up with me tearing my ACL, but as long as you enjoy it I think it should not matter which brings me to my final note, skiing.

I know after all the talk about me not being good at sports, skiing must have been at least ten times worse than basketball, tennis, and swimming combined. Shocking enough it was not hard at all and I excelled in the sport quite well. I was not on an official team and I spent a short time In Taos, but I took to Skiing naturally. As I skimmed down the hill, it was almost as if I had been skiing for years. It felt good to be great at something without having to prepare myself beforehand. Not every new thing that you try has to be a downhill experience for you, but it depends on who you are and what you are built for or what you are built to do.

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