Making the Holidays a Time of Reflection

Making the Holidays a Time of Reflection

Making the Holidays a Time of Reflection

It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of the holiday season. The parties, the school concerts, the decorations, and especially for kids: the gifts. In the flurry of activity, we can lose sight of the real meaning of this time of year. Draw your kids back in by making the holidays a time of reflection. A time to enjoy the time spent with family and being grateful for what we have.

For children, holidays are often about the gifts. They see the ads on TV, the circulars that come in the mail, and the displays at the mall. They talk with their friends about the hottest new toys and games. But what do they really gain from getting these gifts, and do they even truly appreciate them?

Instead, focus on making the holidays more meaningful. Show your children the joy they can feel from giving back to others. Make cookies for an elderly neighbor, donate to  children in need, decorate cards for people in the military, or serve meals at a shelter. Your children can see the results of their hard work and the difference it makes in others’ lives. It can help them to see things from a new perspective and be more grateful for what they have.

Slow down and spend quality time as a family. Forego the elaborate parties and instead watch a movie together or play games. Enjoy each other’s company and the memories you’re making together. Your kids won’t necessarily remember the gifts they received, but they will remember the stories and traditions you had.

Be a positive role model for your children through your own actions and words. Give thanks and show appreciation for those around you. If you’re engrossed in your phone or the latest gadget, it should come as no surprise when your kids are too. But putting the focus on the more meaningful aspects of the holidays can make this a time of reflection instead of a competition for gifts.

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