Leap into Kindness by Showing Others You Care

Leap into Kindness by Showing Others You Care

Leap into Kindness by Showing Others You Care

All parents want their kids to be compassionate, thoughtful and caring. You want them to be nice to others because they know it is the right thing to do. Kids learn by example and by watching how others behave and interact. Use Leap Day as a time to jumpstart your efforts and teach your children how to show kindness to others each day.


Ideas for Leaping into Kindness with your Kids on Leap Day

Kindness can be shown in many ways. It does not necessarily have to be a grand gesture. Here are five ways that you and your children can show kindness toward others:

  1. Volunteer together. Find an organization that you are passionate about and sign up to volunteer. You could serve food at a soup kitchen, sort donations, put together packages for delivery or help clean up a local park. Talk to your child about how what you are doing helps others and makes a difference.
  2. Donate old clothes and toys. Have your child go through their toys and pick out things they no longer play with to donate to others. They can also donate clothes they have outgrown. Take them with you to drop them off so they can see where they go and that others donate too.
  3. Make cards to deliver. You could make cards for the local nursing home, police department or fire station. They could be for anyone your child wants to thank or brighten up their day. The cards do not have to be perfect because they are made with love and kindness. Let them hand deliver their cards and see the expression on people’s faces when they receive them.
  4. Bake cookies for a neighbor or friend. Spend the afternoon baking cookies with your kids to give to a neighbor or someone special to them. Let them decorate the cookies or the container you deliver them in to give it a personal touch.
  5. Compliment others or do kind things. When you are at the store, restaurant or anywhere else, say please and thank you to people. Smile and say good morning while holding open the door. Compliment someone on his or her scarf or bag. Help a senior load groceries into their car or carry their trash to the curb. It is little gestures that can make a big difference and they are things you may overlook every day.

These are just a few of the ways you can show kindness with your kids and spark their imagination for other ways they can show they care. Keep the trends going throughout the year to instill positive values and compassion in your child.

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