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Fall Sports Fun for Children with Disabilities

Fall Sports Fun for Children with Disabilities

Fall Sports Fun for Children with Disabilities

School has started, summer is slowly coming to an end (even though you can’t really tell with this heat), so now what? We have found all of the best fall sports for your child and want to share the importance of your child getting involved in sports and other activities! Many of these activities can be great for kids with disabilities because of the many skills it can help them develop. Focusing, balancing, coordination, self-esteem and so much more!

Everything Sports
Does your child love to be active and outside? We’ve found the best sporting activities for you to sign your child up for! It’s important to have your child try out a variety of different sports to find the best fit for them. Not only is it good for their overall health, it helps them to build relationships and learn how to work as part of a team! Check out these fall sports for kids with special needs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area!

Miracle League Baseball
The Miracle League is a great way to get your child involved in baseball! They have leagues all over the DFW area so you can find one that is closest to your home. Registration is now open for the fall season and is open through the beginning of September (this will vary depending on the league you choose as they all have their own schedule).
Click here to register for the Miracle League DFW.

Miracle League Soccer
Soccer is another great activity to get your child involved and active! Keller Soccer Association has their very own Miracle League team.  Registration is now open and the season will start mid-September. Follow this link for more info on registration.

Horseback Riding
Many children on the spectrum love to ride horses! So much so that there are even therapy centers centered around horses and the therapy that they can provide. Riding horses can be very calming for autistic kids.

Gymnastics with ASI
Don’t worry, parents, there are also activities inside! ASI Gymnastics has multiple locations in the DFW Area and they are always accepting new kids into their classes. They have group lessons as well as private lessons. Gymnastics is great for kids because it helps with their core strength and balance!
Check them out here to see if they will be the right fit for your kiddo!


There are a lot of facilities that offer swimming lessons for children with disabilities! Some of our favorites are Aqua-Tots Swim School and Emler Swim School. They are always enrolling for new swimmers and have very flexible schedules to fit into your busy life!

Ok- hear us out. We know some people might not consider bowling a “sport” but we feel it makes the list! Not all kids like to run around and get sweaty. Bowling requires repetition- which many children on the spectrum crave! You throw the ball, it hits some pins, and then you repeat.

Martial Arts
This is another great sport for children with disabilities! Not only are they able to learn new skills, it can help greatly with their self-esteem.  There are several centers in the DFW Area that have classes just for children with disabilities!

There are other things that you can introduce your child to- this is just a quick list for you to get started! We want to see your kids succeed and hopefully one of the above sports will be exactly what they are looking for!

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-The PediaPlex Family

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