What Does It Mean To Be A DFW Mom-Approved Child Therapist?

What Does It Mean To Be A DFW Mom-Approved Child Therapist?

What Does It Mean To Be A DFW Mom-Approved Child Therapist?

Every year, DFW Child magazine has a survey for parents in the DFW Community to fill out and vote for their favorite healthcare professionals. Not only does this give the therapist recognition in the community, but it also helps other parents find the right therapist for their child. And, of course, gives the therapists a huge boost of confidence! We are so proud of our PediaPlex child therapists as they have been nominated every year! It’s such a great way to recognize all their hard work and their dedication to their clients.


Child Therapists in DFW

First things first, what exactly does this mean? We all know that when we are looking for something- we first look to Google. DFW Child is the go-to source when it comes to finding the RIGHT resources for your children in the DFW area. Moms in the area know they can go to DFW Child and find what it is that they need and that they can trust these places. DFW Child does a new survey every year so you are always up to date on any new child therapists in the area and can always find what you are looking for. They also do this for pediatricians, schools, and other medical specialists.

Award-Nominated Child Therapists

We are so excited because this year we had four of our therapists nominated! We want to give a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Amy, BrieAnna, Hayley, and Tayla for being nominated for 2019. Amy and BrieAnna are both Registered Behavior Therapists in ABA Therapy, Hayley is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Tayla is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). We are just so proud of them and our child therapists who have been nominated over the last few years! You guys are AMAZING!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page in August to find out more information on these therapists and their roles at PediaPlex!

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