What Can I do Different in 2016?

What Can I do Different in 2016?

What Can I do Different in 2016?

Parenting a child with developmental challenges can be tough, but it’s not impossible. You have your share of good days and bad days, successes and challenges. Learning to take it in stride and become more resilient can allow your whole family to thrive. A new year means a fresh start and the chance to do things differently. You can’t change the past, but here are some ways to make the future even brighter:

Look at how your child has changed. Chances are they’re not at the same place they were at this time last year. Focus on the improvements they’ve made and what they’re able to do now. Use this as a starting point for refining their skills and teaching new ones. Even small steps are something to be proud of.

Explore new resources. As you reassess your child’s needs and abilities, look for different opportunities for support. They may not have been ready to use an iPad to communicate last year, but now that they’ve improved their fine motor skills or reading ability, it could be beneficial. Talk to teachers, therapists, and other team members to figure out how to best meet your child where they’re at now.

Take one day at a time. Life is unpredictable. Have confidence that you are doing your best. If something isn’t working well, make small changes until you see different results. Have patience and give things time to take effect. As much as you want to jump from A to Z, each step in between is important.

Care for yourself. Make it a point to give yourself a break now and then. Treat yourself to a night out with friends, a bubble bath with a good book, or simply some alone time. You’re no good to anyone if you’re stressed and burned out. Clear your mind and re-energize.

Start 2016 out on a positive note by looking at all of the potential it holds. You’ve got plenty of time, so figure out what works best for your family and how you can continue helping your child thrive.

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