The Outstanding Hudson

The Outstanding Hudson

The Outstanding Hudson

Meet the outstanding Hudson! Hudson is 5-years-old and receives ABASpeech, and Occupational Therapy at PediaPlex.

About Hudson

Hudson’s parents describe him as a “professional cuddler” who loves to jump, swing, eat, and go on road trips with his family. Some of his favorite things to do are play with blocks, blow bubbles, read, do puzzles, and play hide and seek in his tent. He also loves to request his preferred items with Proloquo2GO.

For those who don’t know, Proloquo2Go is an AAC device (augmentative or alternative communication device). It is a is a symbol-based app that helps the user express themselves. You are able to upload your preferred items and the child can then use the app to request and communicate with you. For many kids, it’s much easier to use because they have every word available and you don’t have to print it out like you would with PECS. Prolooquo2GO is very similar to PECS (picture exchange communication system) but basically in app form!

“PediaPlex has helped our son with daily tasks and how to communicate via an iPad. It has given him a voice and in return helped us tremendously at home. With regular parent training, we are able to go home and implement things he has learned at therapy. It has also provided us comfort to give our son more independence.”

PediaPlex Experience

Hudson has been at PediaPlex for a little over two years now so we are very excited to share his story and journey. Hudson has autism and epilepsy so for his parents it was a very nerve-racking experience on his first day at PediaPlex. When we asked his mom about their first day she said this:

“From day one, the therapists at PediaPlex have genuinely strived to provide Hudson with safe and effective care. They are quick to address our worries and put our mind at ease. They never hesitate to go above and beyond to make sure he is safe and continue to provide the best therapies. Within the first few months of attending PediaPlex, Hudson had a big seizure while in therapy. The therapist responded according to our previously discussed seizure action plan. They remained calm and kept Hudson safe. This was the moment I knew I could drop him off and truly trust he was in good hands.”

We understand how difficult and scary it can be to drop your child off for the day at a new and unfamiliar place so it’s always our top priority to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience from day one!

“Hudson has made so much progress since starting PediaPlex. Besides effectively communicating his wants and needs, he also is attending to tasks for longer periods of time. He continues to make big strides in everyday tasks and never ceases to amaze us. Without the guidance of PediaPlex and the hard work of his therapists, Hudson‘s development would not be where it is today. We are so grateful for each therapist on Hudson’s team.”

We absolutely love to hear about our clients’ progress and watch them grow. We so enjoy having Hudson and his family as part of our PediaPlex Family!

For more information on PediaPlex and getting started in ABA Therapy or one of our other services, please visit our website today!

-The PediaPlex Family

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