The Fantastic Flynn

The Fantastic Flynn

Meet the fantastic Flynn! Flynn has been at PediaPlex since April of 2020 when he started with speech and occupational therapy. In December of 2020 he started doing ABA therapy at PediaPlex in Southlake.

About the Fantastic Flynn

Flynn is 3 years old and is always full of energy! His hobbies include creating nests from blankets and pillows to dive into, playing with bubbles, dancing, and jumping on the trampoline. He loves to read books, play on the playground, and wrestle. Anytime you see him he is always smiling; his energy has been such a fun presence in our clinic!

PediaPlex Experience

When Flynn first started attending PediaPlex he started with speech and occupational therapy. This was a great way for him to then transition into starting ABA therapy with us a few months later! His parents where very eager to get started with ABA therapy once he received his autism diagnosis because they knew how beneficial it would be for him. Flynn’s favorite part of PediaPlex is playing with our crash pad and our swing in our sensory gym during occupational therapy. His mom says that Flynn really enjoys therapy at PediaPlex and is really thriving from it!

PediaPlex Experience

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“Flynn can now maintain his attention for longer periods of time. We have heard Flynn say some words, like mama, bubble, cookie. He has been using his sign language more consistently to indicate when he is hungry and to point for what he wants. Flynn has better eye contact with people as well.”

Flynn’s mom says that his therapists are always very friendly and treat Flynn with the love and attention he needs and deserves. They really enjoy the feedback that they get daily from Flynn’s therapists!

“I love the way people treat Flynn. I love that Flynn gets one-on-one attention whenever he goes because that is what he needs to improve.”

PediaPlex Services

All photos were obtained with informed consent. Content in this post was not solicited.

PediaPlex Services

PediaPlex offers pediatric therapy services to children in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Our centers offer a collaborative care approach to ABA, speech, feeding, and occupational therapy. A typical day for a child in our ABA therapy program will include one-on-one time with their RBT (registered behavior technician), arts and crafts, circle time, science experiments, social skills training, as well as speech and occupational therapy as needed. Our collaborative approach to therapy allows our families to receive all of their services in one location.


At PediaPlex, we also have parent training for our clients in ABA therapy. Parent training is an essential part of a child’s plan of care because parents get personalized training so they can work on the same goals at home. This helps the child to continue working on their goals more consistently even when they aren’t at PediaPlex!

PediaPlex has clinics in FriscoFort Worth, and Southlake making it convenient for families in DFW to get the pediatric therapy services their children need! If you have questions about PediaPlex and our therapy services, we encourage you to visit our website to learn more.

-The PediaPlex Family

All photos were obtained with informed consentContent in this post was not solicited.

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