The Dallas Zoo Welcomes Children with Autism

The Dallas Zoo Welcomes Children with Autism

The Dallas Zoo Welcomes Children with Autism

We at PediaPlex are always looking to team up with organizations locally and nationally who support a sensory-friendly experience for our kiddos with autism and sensory challenges. We are excited to announce The Dallas Zoo as part of that group!


“Modifications around the Zoo will include sound adjustments and quiet zones to create an enjoyable environment for the whole family. In addition families will be provided with social stories and parent tips prior to the event. Special activities will include a sensory activity tour featuring primates, reptiles, and invertebrates with special animal encounters.” 

- The Dallas Zoo

Sensory Friendly Night at Fair Park

Preparing for the Zoo

Planning a trip to the zoo can be both exciting and stressful for our families with Autism. The Dallas Zoo has put together the perfect prep check-list!

Special thanks to the Dallas Zoo, the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park, Texas Discovery Gardens, and Dallas Historical Society at the Hall of State for their support and hard work to make this sensory-friendly event a success!

– The PediaPlex Family

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