The Cheerful Chevy

The Cheerful Chevy

Meet the Cheerful Chevy! Chevy is 3 years-old and attends our Frisco PediaPlex therapy clinic for occupational therapy and speech therapy.

About Chevy

Chevy is a cheerful 3-year-old who loves to play chase, flip around, and wrestle with his mom and dad! When he’s not at PediaPlex you can find him playing air hockey with his dad, playing with dinosaurs, reading a book, or playing with blocks and trains. Chevy is eager to learn; he knew his ABCs and all of the different dinosaurs by age 2! He also absolutely loves to visit his cousins in Miramar Beach, Florida to enjoy the beach water and sand.

About Chevy

A fun fact about Chevy is that he has met Drew Brees and Payton Manning! He and his family are all huge sports fans- most specifically Saints fans. Chevy’s mom said that he has a pretty good left-handed pitch- maybe we will see him out on the field in a few years!

PediaPlex Experience

Chevy started with PediaPlex in May of 2021 and his mom says that PediaPlex has been such a blessing for their family. They love the welcoming atmosphere that our therapists and employees have created. His mom says that they have always felt welcome and comfortable since day 1. “Like, we are part of the family who all care about our son and his well-being.”

“My son has shown such tremendous progress in such a short time of being here. He began crossing his midplane and requesting independently within 3 weeks of being at PediaPlex! The therapists are so kind, dedicated, and compassionate with our son, but know what areas to challenge him in as well! We love PediaPlex so much we drive over an hour there and back to come to therapy! It is so beyond worth it with the differences and progress we have seen in Chevy!”

While at PediaPlex Chevy has been attending speech and occupational therapy where his mom says he’s worked on skills that have helped change their day to day lives so much! He is now able to request independently, which has made everyday functions like eating and drinking easier and has strengthened his transitioning skills which makes for activities outside of the house more manageable and fun!

“Chevy is such a love! He has made so much progress during his time in speech and OT and we are just so proud of him. Chevy’s big personality always puts a smile on our faces, and we love working with him each week!- Harriet M., Speech-Language Pathologist, & Cameron C., Occupational Therapist

Services at PediaPlex

Chevy, like many of our therapy clients, has a multidisciplinary plan with us at PediaPlex. When he comes in for his services he meets with his speech therapist and then his occupational therapist where he works on a plan of care that was created specifically for him. Because PediaPlex offers multiple therapy services in one location, his therapists are able to communicate and collaborate about his specific plan of care and make changes to his goals as he meets them.

PediaPlex offers ABA therapyspeech therapyoccupational therapy, and feeding therapy all in one location. This collaborative approach to pediatric therapy is beneficial for children and families who need one or multiple therapies. PediaPlex has locations in FriscoSouthlake, and Fort Worth to better serve your families’ needs. If you think your child would benefit from pediatric therapy services, visit our website today! We would love to meet you and your family!

-The PediaPlex Family

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