The Amazing Brayden

The Amazing Brayden

The Amazing Brayden

Allow us to introduce you to the amazing Brayden. Brayden is an RBT and RBT mentor at our Southlake PediaPlex clinic.

About Brayden

Brayden was born and raised in Southlake, Texas. She graduated from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo where she received a degree in Elementary Education. She is currently working on her master’s degree in ABA from Arizona State University. “I had always wanted to work with children since I was in 3rd grade, but I thought I wanted to be a teacher. My senior year of college I realized a love I had working with children in a one-on-one setting, so I did some research and found ABA.”

About Brayden

When Brayden isn’t working or studying, you can find her in the mountains hiking and exploring nature. She enjoys spending time with her family playing board games, competing in sports, and working out together.

A fun fact about Brayden is that she used to play D1 Beach Volleyball in college and got the chance to complete in the national championships!

Working at PediaPlex

Brayden has worked at PediaPlex since June 2020 where she started working in our ABA therapy program as a registered behavior technician (RBT). Since starting this role, she has grown to become an RBT mentor which is someone who helps to guide and train our new hires in ABA. She helps them to learn and get familiar with ABA terms and trains them on implementing programs. “I help make sure that when they are on their own they can feel confident in what they are doing!”

A typical day for Brayden involves helping clients succeed in their daily routines while also getting to have fun and play with them. This usually includes playing board games, tickles, dancing, and arts and crafts. She spends the whole day interacting with the kids and being a part of their worldWith group times back they are able to spend the day singing and dancing in circle time, painting and crafting during arts and crafts, and playing games with their peers during social skills.

Brayden chose to work at PediaPlex because once she met Sonia and learned more about our mission to change lives, she knew it was the place for her! (And we are sooo glad to have her!)

“There are so many things that I love about working at PediaPlex but the best part would be seeing the progress the kids make. I have worked with one client for a year now and the progress they have made makes me so honored to be a part of their ABA journey. The kids make every day so exciting, there is never a dull day which I love!”

ABA Therapy at PediaPlex

At PediaPlex we offer ABA therapy for children on the autism spectrum. ABA stands for Applied Behavioral Analysis and is an evidence-based approach to intervention that helps children with autism learn a variety of functional skills, such as communication, following directions, turn taking, and toileting. After an initial assessment with our BCBA we will develop a plan of care for your child. This plan of care will then be used daily when your child is at PediaPlex for therapy. Their RBT will work on this plan of care with them as their BCBA continues to modify and update the plan as they meet their goals.

At PediaPlex we also offer speech therapy, occupational therapy, and feeding therapy at all locations. Having all services in one location allows us to have a full therapeutic day prepared for the child. They are able to start with ABA therapy and then throughout their day they can receive any additional services that they need. This collaborative approach helps the therapists and parents stay in constant communication about the child’s plan of care.

If you think that your child would benefit from ABA therapy, or our additional services, visit our website today to get started.

-The PediaPlex Family

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