Summer Travel Kits for Kids with Autism

Summer Travel Kits for Kids with Autism

Summer Travel Kits for Kids with Autism

Its summer travel season! We know that isn’t always an exciting statement for families with autism. Will a summer travel kit for kids with autism be handy for your family now? Help is here! We’ve put together five must-have items to pack as you prepare for your summer activities.

Summer Travel Kits for Children with Autism

The Favorite Toy(s)

Items that remind your child of home can help calm and soothe. These will be crucial during times of high stress. You might also want to consider coloring books with scented markers, small instruments, bubbles, a travel-size Etch A Sketch and other fine and visual-motor based activities.

Safe Foods

The home provides familiarity for children with autism and a way to keep picky-eaters satisfied. Don’t forget to pack travel-friendly foods that you know your child will eat. Hunger can create melt-downs which can sometimes be tamed with a familiar snack. These items can also act as oral sensory tools like gum or chewy/crunchy snacks.

A Shower Bag

Routine is key, right? Well, bathing is no exception! Pack up the toiletries to bring the smells and textures of home. You also don’t have to worry about skin sensitivities when using your own trusted products. Your child can be involved in choosing an item they would like to bring on your family summer vacation.

A Noise Machine

This might sound like an unusual item to have on our list however it will truly be a life-saver if you end up in a noisy hotel room. Portable fans are another option if you are limited on space.

Meltdown Survival Kit

The American Autism Association has some great information on creating a “Meltdown Survival Kit” that includes items to calm your child in case of sensory overload (ex: noise-canceling headphones, earplugs, sunglasses, etc.)

These are just a few ideas to help children with autism handle sensory overload and cope with time away from home. Our team of therapists can help with managing meltdowns, strategies for travel and preparing your child for what to expect on their family summer vacation.  Be sure to bookmark our blog to read our latest articles or call us today to schedule your free PediaPlex tour!

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