Spotlight on Stella

Spotlight on Stella

Spotlight on Stella

We are so excited to introduce you all to the sassy and adorable Stella! This little girl is truly a part of the PediaPlex family. Everyone knows her and is so excited to see her whenever she walks in! Stella has been a member of our family for two years now and receives Occupational TherapySpeech Therapy, and Feeding Therapy with us. She also receives Physical Therapy.

About Stella

Stella is three years old and has a rare genetic disorder called Coffin-Siris Syndrome (CSS) that causes a variety of developmental delays. She is one of around 400 people worldwide with this rare diagnosis (and we are incredibly lucky that she chose US to work with!)
Mom says

“With the help of PediaPlex, Stella is a thriving, sassy, and motivated little girl who doesn’t let anything stop her. Her geneticist says Stella is the poster child for what hard work can do.”

When Stella isn’t at PediaPlex for therapy, you can find her playing outside with her big sister Zada. They love to pick flowers, collects leaves and sticks, and look for insects! Stella also loves to go swimming at the pool, lake, and the beach!

Stella’s Progress

With Stella’s diagnosis of CSS, she has been in various therapies since she was born. For Stella’s mom, this was a lot to manage. We wanted to hear her perspective about how this overall therapy experience has been for her. “PediaPlex has given me the peace of mind that I am doing everything I possibly can to make sure Stella reaches her full potential. I never have to worry about Stella and her therapy because I know she is in good hands. That, along with the advice I get regularly help me ensure that Stella is doing her best.”

Stella’s Progress

Parent communication is a huge component here at PediaPlex. We are always working with the parents to make sure they fully understand what we are doing in therapy sessions and what they can do at home to help meet their child’s needs!We asked Stella’s mom about her PediaPlex experience over the last year and this is what she said “The staff at PediaPlex is like a second family to Stella. She has grown up with therapy as a part of her daily life, so it’s natural that she absolutely loves her therapists and the staff she sees weekly. I lack the words to describe how grateful I am for the help PediaPlex has given Stella and our family. The generosity and love we receive from PediaPlex is insurmountable.”

A Special Note

Stella’s mom wrote this special message for her therapists that we wanted to make sure to share: “I’d like to thank you all for all you have done for my little girl. When Stella was born she had a grim prognosis. Thanks in part to the amazing therapists and staff at PediaPlex, Stella is thriving and knocking down barriers left and right. Thank you for caring for her well-being, and helping her shine.”
We sure are proud of Stella and her team of therapists!  They all continue to work hard every single day to ensure that Stella is reaching her goals!

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-The PediaPlex Family

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