Sensory-Friendly Summer Staycation Ideas

Sensory-Friendly Summer Staycation Ideas

Sensory-Friendly Summer Staycation Ideas

Do you dread summer travel? For kiddos on the autism spectrum, most highly desired vacation destinations are simply too crowded and chaotic. Finding destinations that don’t stray too far away from their normal routine is vital.

Staycations can provide both the chance to change up the standard scenery and create new memories! We’ve uncovered so many fun sensory-friendly hot spots within driving distance of the DFW metroplex.


Our Sensory-Friendly Summer Staycation Ideas

Whether the budget and schedule is big or small, the DFW metroplex and surrounding cities have made it more convenient for special needs families to get away. We hope you enjoy your summer fun and create lasting memories with your family!

PediaPlex Staff

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