Say Hello to Howdy’s

Say Hello to Howdy’s

Say Hello to Howdy’s

PediaPlex child development and pediatric therapy is based on a collaborative approach that involves not only a team of professionals, but also parents and family. As your child progresses into early adulthood, PediaPlex hopes to continue to be a resource as new challenges such as employment opportunities arise.


Lowest employment rate across disabilities

A Drexel University study found that young adults with autism had the lowest rate of employment compared to their peers with other types of disabilities. Over 90% of young adults with emotional disturbance, speech impairment, or learning disability and nearly 75% of young adults with intellectual disability worked at some point during their early 20s, but only 58% of young adults on the autism spectrum were ever employed.

Employment Outcomes of Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum – download fact sheet

Among the wonderful organizations trying to change the autism employment gap is Howdy Homemade, right here in Dallas. Howdy’s empowers special needs young adults to succeed far beyond what most people think is possible….and they make some pretty darn good ice cream too!

Tom, the owner, and his first hire, Manuel have worked with numerous special needs organizations to hire, train and employ people with Down Syndrome and Autism. Every aspect of Howdy Homemade encompasses the specific necessities of this huge under-employed segment of our population with one goal: to change the way businesses hire people with special needs. Today in North Texas alone, there are over 240,000 special needs adults looking for work!

Howdy Homemade’s marquee item, Dr. Pepper Chocolate Chip ice cream, doesn’t exist just to appeal to Texans – it also serves as a tribute to Dr. Pepper, a company that has done more to help the special needs community than any other corporation. We applaud Howdy’s for helping bridge the gap between child development and adulthood through their active support of the special needs community. So, if you’re in Howdy Homemade’s neighborhood or want to make a special trip there, you’ll be eating the highest quality natural ice cream and supporting a business that has been employing special needs heroes for over 20 years.

Join in the conversation. Call us if you’d like to meet us at Howdy’s.

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