Reading takes me everywhere I want to go

Reading takes me everywhere I want to go

Understanding why a child fixates on a certain book

As a child I loved to read. It took me places I never thought I could go—places like the Prehistoric Age and Medieval times. I got to see what life was like from the eyes of a cat, like in the book series Warrior Cats. I always thought that all cats did was meow, sleep, eat, and well, go to the bathroom. When I first started reading books in the fifth grade I had no idea what kind of genre I was interested in. I immediately took a liking to the Warrior Cats fiction series.

Having ADHD made it more difficult for me to choose something to read because every time I opened a book my eyes would jump around the page trying to focus on why my mind was becoming so overwhelmed. Being overwhelmed causes kids to refuse to try and do something where they could have real potential. So parents, encourage your children to do anything that they show even the slightest bit of interest in. For instance, my mom encouraged me to write and now I am writing about my experience.

What is your child’s favorite book? Share your child’s experiences with me and my readers in the comments section below.

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