PediaPlex Celebrates International Women’s Day

PediaPlex Celebrates International Women’s Day

PediaPlex Celebrates International Women’s Day

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Theresa

International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8th to recognize and celebrate the achievements women have made throughout history and across the nations.  We wanted to bring that a little closer to home and celebrate the owner of PediaPlexour very own Sonia Kirkpatrick. Sonia not only built PediaPlex from the ground up, but has changed the lives of so many children, parents, and women in the Dallas – Fort Worth community.

Before Sonia decided to open up PediaPlex, a multi-specialty clinic in Southlake focusing on pediatric mental health and development, she was in the corporate world managing financial departments and traveling all around the globe. During this time, she had 3 adorable little girls with her husband Jared. At the age of 8, their oldest daughter Megan was diagnosed with Asperger’s.  Sonia and Jared spent countless hours driving back and forth from doctor’s offices trying to get answers and therapy for their daughter. Why wasn’t there one place where they could get everything they needed?

“Sonia has a kind, inviting smile on her face! Her office door is always open, and she takes the time to truly get to know each and every one of her employees and clients on a personal level!” Love, Hayley, Paige, and Allison – PediaPlex Speech Pathologists

PediaPlex Celebrates International Women’s Day

In 2010, while completing her MBA at the University of Dallas, the school held a contest for students to come up with business plans for their own companies that they would like to start (similar to the TV show Shark Tank). Sonia submitted her idea for PediaPlex and she won! With the encouragement from the judges and her own personal motives, Sonia decided to get to work on starting her own business. In December 2010, she was at a Christmas party and was telling her plans to a close friend. A group of people around them overheard this discussion and told her she was crazy and that her idea would never work – but isn’t this how great stories begin? Fast forward to January 2012, PediaPlex opened their doors in Southlake, Texas!

“Sonia has a giving personality and always seems to be open to helping others. She goes above and beyond to help connect patients to resources, she sees each person’s unique need.” – Jenny

Six years later, we’re going strong. Sonia says that the hardest part about getting PediaPlex opened was dealing with the financial side of starting a business and having to raise the capital. It was very challenging and daunting at times. “Going out on a ledge to do something I had never done before was one of the scariest, but greatest things I have ever done,” she said. PediaPlex has helped influence the lives of so many. It has brought together people from all over Dallas, even all over the country, to seek a variety of treatment for their children with autism, developmental disorders, and ADD– under one roof.

“Sonia has such a compassionate heart and enjoys helping others. Because of her personal journey, she truly ‘gets it’. Sonia is a GREAT mentor to parents and caregivers.” – Monica

After 6 years of running PediaPlex, Sonia still comes in every day with the same inspiration and stamina that she always has. As a woman in a leadership role, her motivation is what keeps her and the entire company growing. “The families, the children, and my staff give me the inspiration every day to work harder and provide quality services for everyone,” she said. Sonia has found peace in her life since opening PediaPlex. It has helped her become a better mother, a partner in her daughter Megan’s life, and understand the struggles that she faces daily.

“It fills my heart to see children making progress and able to do things that otherwise they would not have.” – Sonia Kirkpatrick

Megan is now 20 and getting a degree to become an Occupational Therapist Assistant at Parker University. Sonia’s hard work and dedication has helped Megan succeed with confidence.  Sonia’s inspiring story is what makes PediaPlex such an amazing company to work for and a safe haven for children with special needs. Her fearless leadership, her everyday joy and positivity reflects throughout our entire staff and inspires us all to be the best that we can be.

“Sonia inspires others to live their dream and make a difference by doing something that benefits everyone in a community.” – Nicole

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