Patient Spotlight: The Courageous Mr. Kingston

Patient Spotlight: The Courageous Mr. Kingston

Patient Spotlight: The Courageous Mr. Kingston

We are so proud to introduce our patient spotlight for May.
Please meet the courageous Mr. Kingston!

Kingston is an adorable and energetic 2-year old who loves to color and like many toddlers, can’t wait to get home and jump on the trampoline. Our entire staff looks forward to watching Kingston thrive in his OT, Speech, and ABA therapy sessions.


We sat down with Kingston’s family to find out more about their experience here at PediaPlex:

“Our experience has been so comforting. Everyone we’ve have met so far has been so welcoming and accommodating. Kingston had a hard time adjusting in the beginning but his therapists allowed me to stay with him until he warmed up to everyone. This made a world of difference for him and myself. It was so hard seeing my son so distraught when I would leave him. So his therapists allowing him to warm up on his own timing was greatly appreciated. Now he loves them all!”

Patient Spotlight: The Courageous Mr. Kingston

When Kingston first started therapy, he was completely non-verbal (he had no words at all) and had extreme social anxiety. His family couldn’t even leave him with family members because of fear of people/strangers was so intense. Now Kingston can count to 20, sing the entire alphabet, has more words than we can count, and is no longer anxious around strangers. He interacts with extended family members now which was huge for his family!

We asked Kingston’s mother what she loves the most about PediaPlex:

“I love that my son can get all his needs met at one facility. It’s so convenient. I also love how happy my son is to go to PediaPlex. When we say “ Kingston it’s time to go to school and see Ms. Hayley and Ms. Lindsey” he lights up. It’s the sweetest thing to see so I know he feels safe and he’s happy. For that, I’m so grateful.”


Special thanks to the Williams family for trusting PediaPlex and allowing us to be a part of your journey!

The PediaPlex Family

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