Patient Spotlight: Energetic Jett Patrick

Patient Spotlight: Energetic Jett Patrick

Patient Spotlight: Energetic Jett Patrick

Everyone meet the fun and energetic Jett Patrick!

We are so excited to introduce everyone to Jett! You might remember seeing him in our speech therapy video from last month!

Jett is 3 years old and has been attending PediaPlex for almost a year now receiving ABA TherapySpeech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy. When Jett isn’t at PediaPlex, you can find him playing outdoors with his siblings, listening to music and dancing, or dressing up as his favorite superheroes!

Jett’s mom and dad chatted with us and let us know some of their favorite things about PediaPlex:

The staff. Every single one of Jett’s therapists genuinely cares about him. He loves being with them and even talks about them when he is home. Whenever I pick Jett up they are always very detailed in their reports and passionate about all of the things he achieved that day. I feel comfortable sending him to school every day to be in their care. I know he is well taken care of!”

Patient Spotlight: Energetic Jett Patrick

Some of you might be wondering.. what does a typical PediaPlex experience look like? Well, all child’s plans are different…but let’s take a look at what Jett’s has been like the last year!

Our PediaPlex experience has been more than we ever could have imagined. Jett started when he was only 2 years old and it was hard for us to send him to therapy 5 days a week, but it was the best decision we have ever made for him. He is thriving! He loves going to school every day. He loves his therapists. The amount of improvement he has made in just a year is almost unbelievable. Lastly, PediaPlex just makes things fun! They send home arts and crafts and they have holiday activities for the kids. For Easter they did an Easter egg hunt, on Valentines Day they allowed the kids to pass out valentines and on Halloween, they invited all of the families to come to do a trick or treat. All of the staff dressed up and handed out candy and Jett talked about it for weeks! I can’t say enough good things about PediaPlex!”

Thank you so much to Jett’s mom for sharing these fantastic and kind words with us! We love to hear from our parents and just love being apart of their child’s journey!

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