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New Conversations for the New Year

New Conversations for the New Year

New Conversations for the New Year

Getting the most out of speech therapy can open up new conversations for the new year. Effective speech therapy will improve your child’s communication skills, but it can also enhance their social skills and correct sensory processing disorders and feeding and swallowing issues.

Whether your child is non-verbal, talks continually or falls somewhere in between, speech and language therapy can help them enhance their social skills and use language more effectively.

For the best chance at success, parents should look at getting the most out of their child’s speech therapy sessions:

1. The treatment room should be kid friendly and positive for learning. Children learn best when they are in a fun environment and should be excited to go to their session.

2. Goals should be reachable. They should be logical, clear and appropriate for your child’s age and skill level.

3. Fast-paced therapy sessions allow a great chance for responses. This way, children get more opportunities to practice and learn language skills.

4. Mastered skills should be mixed with new goals. Practicing mastered skills gives them a feeling of success and provides motivation to take on new skills.

5. Structured tasks, imitation and proven teaching procedures should be used in their learning process.

6. Therapists should provide a variety of techniques. Play structure for skill building and tabletop learning for teaching are encouraged.

7. Therapist and Parent Communication is key. Therapists should provide specific suggestions to help your child learn new skills and allow them to develop a strong home program as well.

Look forward to your child developing conversational skills, expressing their thoughts in a more understandable way and showing improved articulation.

Speech therapy can help build their self-esteem and aid your child in becoming a more independent communicator. PediaPlex can develop a customized speech and language therapy treatment plan to help overcome a wide range of speech and language disorders.

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