NBC Texas Today Show Tours PediaPlex

NBC Texas Today Show Tours PediaPlex

NBC Texas Today host Kristin Dickerson stopped by with her camera crew this week for a tour of our new Frisco, Texas location.

April is Autism Awareness month and the Texas Today show has been honoring the month by highlighting autism awareness, autism treatment, sensory friendly events, and living options for adults living with ASD. PediaPlex founder Sonia Kirkpatrick discussed the challenges she experienced with her daughter and how it led her to open PediaPlex.

Check out this fun and informative tour of the PediaPlex ABA therapy rooms!

Sonia’s vision was to have autism and other developmental delays treated in one location – with speech therapyoccupational therapyfeeding therapy, and ABA therapy. With all therapy options offered in one location, PediaPlex provides peace of mind for children and families as well as providing a collaborative treatment approach for each child.

With clinics in Fort WorthFrisco, and Southlake, Texas there is a D/FW PediaPlex location nearby. Contact us for a tour or to learn more about how PediaPlex can help your child who may be experiencing autism, speech delays, feeding difficulty, or other developmental delays.

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