Meet the Wonderful SLP, Courtney!

Meet the Wonderful SLP, Courtney!

Meet the Wonderful SLP, Courtney!

Meet the wonderful SLP, Courtney! Courtney is a Speech-Language Pathologist at our Alliance PediaPlex location and she has been a part of the PediaPlex family since February 2019.

About Courtney

Courtney studied at the University of North Texas and then went on to get her masters at Abilene Christian University. When she’s not at PediaPlex you can find her going to baseball games, relaxing with her friends, and playing with her fur baby Livy. Courtney’s favorite animal is an elephant. In fact, she had the amazing experience of visiting an elephant sanctuary and got to watch them engage in hobbies such as playing soccer, painting, and hula hooping! One of the elephants even painted a picture for her that she got to take home.

Life as a SLP

Courtney knew that she wanted to be a Speech-Language Pathologist since her sophomore year of high school. She was in a health science program that allowed her to go into her local community and observe various health professionals which led her to being paired with a Speech-Language Pathologist.

“I fell in love with how the SLP interacted and taught his clients how to communicate the simple requests of ‘more’ and ‘help’. When the child was able to communicate those simple requests, you immediately saw how elated and relieved the child was that an adult was able to understand them. It was the moment that I felt inspired and motivated to help those who were unable to communicate their wants and needs by finding their voice.”

Life as a SLP

Courtney’s favorite part about working at PediaPlex is that “I am able to help kids with various levels of speech, language, and feeding skills and abilities. I am continuously learning new methods and strategies to aid in my client’s abilities to functionally communicate and maintain proper nourishment. I also love that I am able to collaborate with other professionals in order to provide the best service I can to my clients!”

We absolutely love having the wonderful SLP Courtney in the PediaPlex Family! She is an absolute rockstar and brings so much light into the clinic each and every day! Thank you, Courtney, for everything you do!

What is a SLP?

A SLP is a Speech-Language Pathologist. SLP’s are able to help treat pediatric patients as well as adults to properly produce speech sounds and decrease sound error patterns (phonological processes). They will also work with clients who need help with voice disorders, stuttering, social skills, oral-motor skills, and feeding/swallowing abilities.

At PediaPlex, we can combine Speech TherapyOccupational TherapyFeeding Therapy, and ABA Therapy so that the child is receiving all of their therapy services in the same location. With this type of collaboration, our therapists can easily communicate about the plan of care for the child and update their goals as needed.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Speech Therapy, please visit our website or give us a call at 817-442-0222.

-The PediaPlex Family

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