Meet the Wonderful Judson

Meet the Wonderful Judson

PediaPlex friends, we are so excited to introduce you all to the wonderful Judson! Judson is 4 years old and has attended PediaPlex since February of 2019 receiving SpeechFeedingABA, and Occupational Therapy. He splits his schedule with his preschool; he attends PediaPlex 3 days a week and then preschool 2 days a week.

When Judson is not at PediaPlex, you can find him playing with cars, working on arts and music, or having conversations with his toys! He also loves to practice writing out his name.

“Judson’s gentle and friendly demeanor brings a bright light to my day. His willingness to try novel things speaks a lot about his true character!” – Garrett, ABA Therapist at PediaPlex

PediaPlex Experience

It’s always such a joy to hear about our families’ PediaPlex experiences and to hear about the growth of the kids we get to work with. Check out what Judson’s mom had to say about their therapy at PediaPlex:

 “The progress that he has made in the past 15 months is remarkable! His speech has greatly improved. People, other than mommy and daddy, can actually understand him! He has gained more confidence and doesn’t get quite as frustrated when trying to communicate. His willingness to try new things, try new foods, has greatly increased as well. His abilities to perform everyday tasks has only gotten better. Judson has even, just recently, started intensive potty training and is doing very well!

All of the therapists have been wonderful to work with and they all genuinely care about Judson! The parent training sessions give us the extra tools we need to help Judson at home.

Judson would not be where he is today, without all of the love and support from PediaPlex!”

PediaPlex Experience

We are so happy to have Judson as part of the PediaPlex family! Because of the collaboration of services here at PediaPlex, Judson is able to receive all of his therapies every visit. Our therapists are in constant communication about his progress and they are all able to collaborate and update his goals as needed.

Thank you to Judson’s mom for sharing this wonderful update on his progress! You guys are awesome!

If you think that your child might benefit from therapy services at PediaPlex, visit our website at

-The PediaPlex Family


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