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Meet the Wonderful Evan

Meet the Wonderful Evan

Meet the wonderful Evan! Evan is 5 years old and comes to PediaPlex for ABA therapy, speech, and occupational therapy.

About Evan

Evan is 5 years old and he loves to go on walks, visit his grandma in Bandera, and play hide and seek with his older brother! His hobbies include playing outside, playing with airplanes and big trucks, and driving his motorized car around. Evan has gone on lots of fun vacations, but his FAVORITE ones were when he went camping and then also when he traveled on an airplane to visit his grandparents in Germany! So cool! When Evan and his family go to visit his grandparents in Bandera, he loves to take rides with his grandpa on the John Deer Gator and tractor! He says he drives it better than his older brother does- so we will take his word for it!

“Evan brightens up my day when he arrives at PediaPlex. His dedication and willingness to learn remind me of the miracles we perform here everyday!” – Garrett R. – Registered Behavior Technician

Time at PediaPlex

Evan has been attending PediaPlex since September of 2020 and his favorite activity here is playing in our super cool gym. “Our PediaPlex experience has been great so far! All the therapists are very knowledgeable and truly care about your child. Evan has only been with PediaPlex since September 2020 and has made a lot of progress. We love the detailed notes we get from the therapist after every session; it really helps us to work on the same things at home. PediaPlex listens to us and always accommodates our needs.”

One thing that makes PediaPlex unique is that we offer all therapy services in one location. This makes it convenient for Evan to receive ABAspeech, and occupational therapy all in one day.

“We love that the entire staff at PediaPlex is very caring and kind, and that PediaPlex offers all their therapy services in one facility. This has really benefited Evan because everyone from ABA to speech and OT are working together to achieve his goals.”

Like Evan’s mom said, our collaborative approach is extremely beneficial for our clients at PediaPlex!

Time at PediaPlex

All photos were obtained with informed consentContent in this post was not solicited.


Collaborative Care

At PediaPlex we offer a variety of therapies all in one location so that children can receive all of their therapies in one day rather than going all around the metroplex for services. Our therapy services include ABA therapy, speech therapy, feeding therapy, and occupational therapy. Because we are a collaborative care center, your child’s therapists are in constant communication about their plan of care. In fact, we conduct collaboration meetings every week that includes our entire team of therapists. These meetings help us to discuss each child’s plan of care, their needs, and how we can best accommodate them. This really helps to ensure your child is getting the best possible therapy services!

PediaPlex offers pediatric therapy in Frisco, Southlake, and Fort Worth, Texas. All three of our locations offer the same great collaborative approach to therapy with awesome therapists!

We’d love to show you around one of our facilities! If you’re looking to start pediatric therapy in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, contact us today to get started. We can’t wait to meet you!

-The PediaPlex Family

All photos were obtained with informed consentContent in this post was not solicited.

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