Meet the Incredible Ryan

Meet the Incredible Ryan

Meet the Incredible Ryan

Meet the incredible Ryan! Ryan is 10 years old and attends PediaPlex for ABA therapy and occupational therapy.

About Ryan

Ryan is an incredible kiddo who attends PediaPlex! When Ryan isn’t at PediaPlex you can find him watching videos, swimming, and learning about animals. One of his favorite PediaPlex activities is craft time with his friends. A fun fact about Ryan is that he loves all things Disney! His mom says that it is his happy place and that they recently redecorated his room to be Disney themed. He also has a crush on Minnie Mouse!

One of Ryan’s ABA Therapists, Julia, shared this with us:

 “Ryan is such joy to work with! We always have so much fun making crafts, completing puzzles, and drawing animals. I learn something new from him every day from new animals I had never heard of to the colors of different flags from small countries. Every day with him is great and I’m lucky to be his behavior therapist!” – Julia

PediaPlex Experience
Ryan has been attending PediaPlex for a few months now and his mom says that so far he really enjoys coming! She says that he’s learning new things such as greetings/introductions and how to make eye contact with peers.  Some of Ryan’s moms’ favorite things about PediaPlex are that he can go outside or to our sensory-friendly gym to get out some energy. She also loves that we offer all of his services in one place! Ryan is able to attend PediaPlex for ABA therapy and then also receives his occupational therapy services on the same day!

Therapy at PediaPlex

Therapy at PediaPlex

At PediaPlex, we believe in a collaborative approach for therapy services. We offer a variety of different services in one location so that your child can come in each day and receive a well-rounded therapeutic day based on their individual needs. At PediaPlex, we offer ABA, speech, feeding, and occupational therapy. Having all of your child’s services in one location means that all their therapists are easily able to communicate and discuss your child’s plan of care. In fact, each week at PediaPlex we conduct collaboration meetings which bring together all of our therapists to discuss the progress and plan of care for each child. This collaborative approach helps your child to receive the best possible therapy services in one convenient location.

With offices in Fort Worth, Frisco (coming soon), and Southlake, PediaPlex is able to offer a collaborate approach to ABA therapy services for children with autism in the DFW community. If you think your child might benefit from ABA services, fill out an intake form today or give us a call.

-The PediaPlex Family

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