Meet the Energetic Jerome

Meet the Energetic Jerome

Meet the Energetic Jerome

It’s time for another client spotlight! Meet Jerome! He is 7 years old and attends PediaPlex for ABA therapyspeech therapy, and occupational therapy.

About Jerome

Jerome is a super energetic 7-year-old who lights up the room! His favorite thing to do while at PediaPlex is arts and crafts time with his friends. His favorite book series is Diary of Wimpy Kid. Some of his favorite things are Star Wars, astronauts, music, and to pretend play.

“Jerome is a smart, sweet and caring little boy. To his peers he is more than a friend and to all the PediaPlex family he is like a light that brightens everyone’s day.” -Johann, Behavior Therapist at PediaPlex

“I love working with Jerome! He is such a smart and energetic boyHe never fails to make me and other therapists smile. From reading books to playing a game of ‘red light, green light’ – each session with him is a fun adventure!” -Lesley, Behavior Therapist at PediaPlex

PediaPlex Experience

Jerome started at PediaPlex in 2018 and has made a lot of progress, according to his parents. “The therapists are gentle and loving; they’re able to match his energy! Now he says things like, ‘Mom, can we chill?’ which is adorable!”

PediaPlex Experience

His parents tell us PediaPlex has helped them understand how to better communicate with their son as well as parent him according to his needs. They love their parent meetings that discuss the plans and goals  we have for Jerome! We also offer parent training so that parents are able to continuing working on their child’s goals at home.

“We love that we can drop him off at PediaPlex everyday knowing that he is in good hands and he is surrounded by people who care about him. That peace of mind is priceless!”

Collaborative Care at PediaPlex

Jerome, like many of our clients at PediaPlex, receives all of his services in one location. He is able to receive ABA therapy, speech, and occupational therapy all within the same day. With our collaborative care services, our clients have a team of therapists who work closely with them on their plan of care. With weekly collaboration meetings, we can regularly discuss each client’s goals and progress as well as make any necessary changes to their plan of care. Having all of your child’s therapists in one location is not only more convenient for you, but more helpful for your child as well. Many kids on the autism spectrum struggle with transitions so having their therapists right down the hall can help them transition easily as it becomes a part of their daily routine at PediaPlex!

To find out more about ABA Therapy or our other services that we offer here at PediaPlex, visit our website today!

-The PediaPlex Family

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