Meet the Energetic Billy

Meet the Energetic Billy

Meet the Energetic Billy

We are pleased to introduce everyone to the energetic Billy! Billy is 7 years-old and attends PediaPlex for ABA TherapySpeech TherapyOccupational Therapy, and Feeding Therapy. He started his therapy with us in February once they moved here from Australia and they’ve been with PediaPlex ever since.


About Billy

Billy is an outgoing and fun kiddo who enjoys swimming and playing with trains. His absolute favorite thing to do though is play with Legos. He also has two younger siblings who he loves to play and hangout with!

“Billy is such a fun and energetic kiddo! I absolutely love being one of his ABA therapists and being able to work with him in our ABA Therapy program!”  – Lauren R., RBT at PediaPlex

Billy’s Mom

Billy’s Mom
We absolutely love our clients’ parents and love getting to hear about their experience at PediaPlex. Billy and his family are from Australia but moved to the Fort Worth area in February of 2019 so that they could access better therapy for him. His mom says that since starting at PediaPlex 8 months ago he has come so far- “he is learning and changing every day!”
When asked about their favorite part about PediaPlex, Billy’s mom said:

The Behavior Therapists are especially lovely! I can see they genuinely love and care for Billy. It’s great dropping your child off into a big hug from someone who is so happy to see them. Not only have the therapists equipped my son with the skills needed for future success, but they have made my life so much easier by having everything in one location!”

We are so thrilled to have your family here at PediaPlex and so happy that we’ve made your life a little bit easier! It feels so good to know that your family moved all the way from Australia to receive services and we are the lucky ones able to help Billy!

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-The PediaPlex Family

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