Itchy Witchy

Itchy Witchy

Itchy Witchy

Halloween Horrors for children with sensory integration disorder

Who likes itchy outfits? I know I didn’t as a child and I certainly still don’t like them now even as an adult.

The worst I remember is Halloween. Being in an itchy costume definitely made me seem witchy. I remember that wanted the costume so bad, but yet when I tried it on, the only thing that mattered was how I was going to get it off. It bothered me so much that eventually I began to cry because I couldn’t get comfortable in an outfit that I had begged my mom for because it looked so pretty and cool. I even thought it looked comfortable. Boy, was I wrong!

Mom and Dad please understand that children with sensory integration disorders cannot tolerate itchy clothing against their skin. I know that you get frustrated as my parents did, but remember a time when you weren’t comfortable wearing maybe a wool suit or a certain type of fabric. It feels like you have ants all over your body. Especially this time of year, be overly understanding with your sensitive driven children and help them become comfortable and enjoy Halloween and Trick or Treating.

Have you struggled with Itchy Costumes that almost ruined Halloween? Please share your experiences with me in the comments section below.

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