Is Your Child Depressed?

Is Your Child Depressed?

Is Your Child Depressed?

Being a kid can be tough. Kids are still learning the ways of the world and how to cope with the challenges they face. However, just like adults, children can struggle with depression too. It is important that parents know how to recognize the signs of depression and do not just brush it off as part of being a kid. It is normal for children to have their ups and downs, but when symptoms last for more than two weeks or interfere with their ability to function in daily life, it could indicate something more serious, like depression.


Symptoms of Depression

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) identifies some common signs of depression in children:

An estimated two to three percent of children between the ages of 6 and 12 struggle with serious depression.

Seeking Treatment for Depression

There are many causes and contributing factors to depression. Children who are dealing with major life changes, personal struggles such as a learning disorder, or problems with social skills, may all be more susceptible to depression. These can be difficult situations for children to work through on their own.

PediaPlex offers counseling for children and teenagers which can address issues with depression as well as other challenges. Approaches such as play therapy and psychotherapy are used to better understand the problem and help children work through difficulties in a way that fits their needs.

If you are concerned about your child’s well-being and have noticed symptoms of depression, PediaPlex can conduct a comprehensive evaluation to assess the situation. Afterward, a treatment plan is developed to address any areas of need, and may include counseling or other therapies as necessary. Be proactive in your child’s health and speak up if you have concerns. PediaPlex is here to help.

If your child has not been themselves lately and you’re concerned about depression, contact PediaPlex today to schedule an evaluation.

Start your child's journey today.


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