How I felt once I graduated from High School

How I felt once I graduated from High School

How I felt once I graduated from High School

I did it, I finally did it. On Friday, June 20, I donned my robe and cap along with my National Honor Society cords and crest, and my Blood-Donation cords. I joined my fellow classmates and we came together as the graduating class of 2016. After attending the Hill School of Fort Worth for six years, it was time. It was time for me to begin the next part of my life, the next chapter of my life was just around the corner, all I had to do was flip the page.

When I finally turned the page, my diploma was in my hand and I was walking across the stage with pride as I looked at my teachers, my family and my fellow graduates. It was hard to believe that my time in high school was over and that the faces I had become so familiar with seeing everyday would not be there to greet me every morning. My senior year has come and gone, but the friendships and relationships I have forged through the past four years will stay with me as I keep in contact with those friends whom I had grown especially close to.

Parents, friendship is what helps even the loneliest and the saddest of children through the hardships and the terrors that they want to face alone. Friends are there when you need them and no matter who you are, they always accept you, no matter what situation you are in. This quote adds onto the true meaning of what a friend really is.

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you just the way you are.”

What is a big accomplishment your child has recently faced? Share your experience in the comments.

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