How Educational Testing Can Help Your Child Thrive in School

How Educational Testing Can Help Your Child Thrive in School

How Educational Testing Can Help Your Child Thrive in School

No parent wants to see their child struggle in school. But resolving problems is not always as easy as having them study harder or practice more. The reasons behind difficulties in school can be vast. Educational testing is a valuable way to gain a comprehensive understanding of your child’s strengths, areas of need, learning style, and cognitive abilities. It can also identify any learning disabilities that may exist and uncover how these disabilities impact your child’s education.

Testing can highlight areas of strength and need. Perhaps your child is a whiz when it comes to math but has more difficulty with reading, yet their math scores are inconsistent at school. This could be a reflection of their reading challenges, especially if they’re working on word problems or having trouble following assignment instructions. It may also prompt you to seek out additional resources to support the areas in which they struggle, or identify underlying causes.

Discover their learning style. Not all children are the best auditory learners. Some thrive when they have visual examples or directions. Knowing how your child learns best can help when asking for accommodations in the classroom. Their teacher can adjust the way they present information so your child has better understanding. This can benefit you when helping at home too.

Gain access to accommodation and resources. If your child has a documented learning disability or cognitive disability, they may be eligible to receive support services through their school. This may mean accommodations from the teacher, push-in resource support, or pull-out services. It could also be something as simple as sitting in the front of the room or having extra time when taking tests.

Through educational testing, you can then work with your child’s school and related services to create an individualized education plan (IEP) or 504 plan if necessary. Together you can determine what strategies may be most effective for helping your child to better access their education and engage with lessons.

PediaPlex offers comprehensive educational evaluations to provide you with a better understanding of your child’s abilities. Our team uses standardized tools as well as input from parents, teachers, and other resources to create a more in-depth picture of your child’s academic and cognitive abilities. With this information at hand, you can be proactive in helping your child to thrive in school and at home with the supports they need to be successful.

Are you concerned about your child’s performance in school? Contact PediaPlex today about scheduling an educational evaluation.

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