Helping Your Child Cope with Stuttering

Helping Your Child Cope with Stuttering

Helping Your Child Cope with Stuttering

Stuttering is a very common problem in children. Many children go through a period where they may repeat certain sounds or words, prolong sounds, or be unable to form specific sounds. They may seem to struggle forming words or getting out what they want to say. Fortunately, this problem often resolves itself by the time children reach age five or six. However, for some children, it does not go away on its own and requires intervention or support from a speech therapist.

Just as it can be frustrating as a parent to listen to your child stutter, it can also be frustrating for them to be stuttering. They want to be able to clearly express themselves, but this can be hard. The exact causes of stuttering are unknown, but it can run in families and is often attributed to neurological and developmental challenges.

There are many ways that you can support your child through their stuttering and help them to manage some of the challenges they face:

Working with a speech therapist at PediaPlex can help you to learn other strategies to support your child as well. You can implement some of the same techniques used in therapy when you are at home and reinforce the same skills. Stuttering does not have to limit your child or keep them from reaching their goals. There are plenty of well-known people who have managed to overcome their stuttering and be very successful such as Tim Gunn, Samuel L. Jackson, James Earl Jones, Nicole Kidman, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Tiger Woods, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and former Vice President Joe Biden. Let PediaPlex help you set your child up for success by learning how to cope with stuttering.

Does your child show signs of stuttering? Have them evaluated and treated at PediaPlex.

Start your child's journey today.


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