Fun and Energetic Jaymee

Fun and Energetic Jaymee

We are so excited to introduce everyone to the super fun and energetic Jaymee! Jaymee has been coming to PediaPlex for coming up on 3 years now! He receives ABA TherapySpeech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy with us. Jaymee is 9 years old and loves to go swimming, hiking or traveling with his family! He also loves art and music as well as laying in his hammock relaxing.

We typically would write this blog our ourselves but Jaymee’s mom was so sweet to write such amazing words about her experience here that we wanted to share it in her words fully so we didn’t leave anything out!

Message From Mom

“Our son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at 18 months and he is now 9 years old. This journey has brought us to many facilities where our experiences have been very much like a roller coaster. The only indicators of our non-verbal child’s wellbeing lay in is his countenance and physical desire to willingly go to a facility where he will be made to go beyond his comfort zone.  As a parent you rely on those cues to find the right fit for your child.

From the time we entered PediaPlex and found Sonia, and the ENTIRE PediaPlex staff, we knew we had found our fit. From the time you walk in and are greeted with a smile to the time you leave anticipating your next visit. Not only is the facility pleasing to look at all around from the bright colors and themed areas, but it is laid out FUNCTIONALLY which is so different than other centers.  The opposite of clinical in every aspect which is not what you find in other centers. In our time at PediaPlex (2 years) our son thrived and excelled.

Message From Mom

Going beyond the programming, he was loved on fiercely by not only his therapist, but EVERYONE in the center. Sonia has selectively built her staff to uphold the caring, devoted, loving but firm nature needed to guide these spirited kiddos on all levels of the spectrum. Tayla, Jaymee’s BCBA has always gone above and beyond in planning not only Jaymee’s programs, but assisting us in parent training weekly, which no other center has ever cared to do. She prepared us for what would be the hardest year when our military commitments meant us transitioning to a new location outside of Texas. We were absolutely bummed when we had to leave PediaPlex as we knew it would be hard to find anything like this in a remote location which would inevitably mean challenges in Jaymee’s growth. We have fought the past year for the kind of care and excellence PediaPlex offers its clients. There is nothing like it out there.

Thankfully we are back in the Dallas area and grateful beyond measure for PediaPlex. Sonia knows what us mothers fight hard for because she is that mother along side of us just wanting the very best for our kids. She works hard not just within the center, but within the community helping people to understand and bring awareness for the Autism community.  It is easy to leave him here knowing he is well cared for and receiving the absolute best services. He may verbally not be able to tell me how much he loves it, but his actions and smiles tell the whole story!”

From PediaPlex

We are so excited that you guys are back at PediaPlex! We love getting to see you guys and being able to play a role in Jaymee’s progress. One of our ABA Therapists wanted to write Jaymee a quick message for you guys:

“I absolutely love being able to work with Jaymee! He is always full of such joy when he comes in for his sessions. He never fails to make me smile when I see him! – Abby. R, ABA Therapist

-The PediaPlex Family

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