Frisco Location Updates

Frisco Location Updates

Frisco Location Updates

Now that it is officially 2021 we have been getting questions about our Frisco location! When will we open? Where exactly is it? What services will this location offer? What therapy rooms do you have planned? We know you are excited- trust us, we are too! We are here to offer you as many Frisco location updates as we can (but we can’t give away ALL of the therapy room themes, guys!).

Frisco Location

Our new pediatric therapy center in Frisco, Texas is located at 4855 Ohio Drive, Frisco, TX 75035. We found this building and knew it was the perfect place to add a new PediaPlex location. With this building, much like our Fort Worth office, we were able to rebuild and design the inside to our liking. This means that we have completely designed the inside to fit our clients’ needs. We will have a sensory friendly gym as well as individual therapy rooms. This PediaPlex location will offer all of our same therapy services: ABA therapy, speech therapy, feeding therapy, and occupational therapy. We are now accepting intakes for our new location if you are interested in getting your child started with pediatric therapy services in Frisco, Texas. This location is scheduled to open in early March of 2021.

The great thing about receiving therapy services at PediaPlex is that your child is able to receive multiple therapies all in one visit. With our speech therapists and occupational therapists being in the same building, we are able to schedule appointments back-to-back so you and your child can more conveniently receive therapy services. This also works with ABA therapy! Our ABA therapy department is just down the hall, so your child can receive a full day of ABA sessions while also getting time for their other services. Our team of therapists collaborate together to better meet the needs for your child.

Therapy Rooms

Therapy Rooms

If you know PediaPlex, you know we are very creative when it comes to our therapy rooms. No child should have to go to therapy for eight hours a day and stare at a boring blank wall! That’s why we take the time to create therapy rooms that are sensory friendly and engaging to children. We can’t give away all of the rooms because that would ruin the fun. But some of the rooms to look forward to are:
-Camping Room
-Animal Hospital
-Dinosaur Valley
-Farmers Market and Pizzeria

All of our therapy rooms will offer a variety of different learning centers that will follow along with your child’s plan of care. They will have things like sorting activities, sequencing, science experiments, cut and paste activities, pretend play, and so much more.

Getting Started

To get started with services at our new Frisco clinic you will need to fill out an intake form on our website. You will provide your child’s information, insurance, and let us know of what concerns you are having. If you have any previous diagnostic reports, you will upload those as well. We are encouraging parents to start the process early for our Frisco clinic so that they will have priority when the location opens in early March. For parents interested, we can provide the initial evaluation at one of our other locations and then once Frisco opens you are able to easily transfer services. We look forward to joining the Frisco community and meeting the wonderful new families! Please call us today if you have further questions and we would be happy to help!

(817) 442-0222

-The PediaPlex Family

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