Finding the Right Resources to Support Your Child’s Special Needs

Finding the Right Resources to Support Your Child’s Special Needs

Finding the Right Resources to Support Your Child’s Special Needs

Caring for a child with special needs can feel like a full-time job – and sometimes it is. Your child may have appointments with various specialists, therapies, school, activities, and more. You’re constantly trying to do what is best for their care and development, supporting them in functioning as independently as possible. But it can be tough to know exactly what they need and the best ways to help them.

March is National Social Worker Month, and a great time to reflect on the valuable support and guidance these individuals can provide. A social worker can work with your family to identify and access available resources such as therapies or community programs for your child. You may not be aware of all of the opportunities that exist, or the services your child may qualify for. A social worker can be a wonderful resource and help you to navigate these processes.

Identifying and Accessing Resources

At PediaPlex, a social worker assists each family through the intake process. They discuss any concerns you may have about your child’s development, behavior, communication, socialization, and more. From there, they can help you to determine which therapies or services align best with your child’s needs and goals. This can allow you to explore the best possible treatment options to help your child thrive. They’ll also work with you to determine what services may be covered under your insurance plan.

In addition, social workers can connect you with community programs, services, and resources as well. They can provide referrals to trusted professionals or organizations that can support your child’s needs in other ways. You may be surprised once you realize what is available within your local community. A social worker can help you to make sense of your options.

Providing Therapy Services

Social workers don’t just help you to access resources – they can provide therapy services as well. The social workers at PediaPlex play an integral role in leading individual psychotherapy sessions as well as group therapy including play therapy, coping skills, and divorce support. They guide children in working through challenges, developing more effective communication skills, improving social interactions, and building healthy coping strategies.

Social workers can also be a wonderful resource in supporting teenagers in finding employment and ensuring they have the appropriate accommodations and supports in the workplace. Many young adults thrive when in an environment that allows them to maximize their skills while receiving the support they need. A social worker can help youth identify their strengths and interests and develop a path and goals for the future.

Having access to the right resources can help children to maximize opportunities, receive beneficial help, and become more confident and independent. Social workers are an integral part of this process and help families navigate getting their child the care they need. PediaPlex prides itself on providing comprehensive pediatric services and being an active part of the community.

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