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Falling into the DFW Community Events this Fall

Falling into the DFW Community Events this Fall

Falling into the DFW Community Events this Fall

Fall is upon us which means there are lots of sensory friendly events coming up for you in the DFW Community! We know you have to keep the kiddos busy on the weekends, and during the week, so we are here to help you with some ideas for the next few weeks!


Autism Speaks Walk:
Walk, or run, with Autism Speaks in either Dallas or Fort Worth for this great event! They host it in both locations on different days so that everyone in the DFW area can attend. Our PediaPlex staff will be attending the Fort Worth walk and we hope to see you there!
Fort Worth- September 21st  : Sign up here!
Dallas- September 28th  :Sign up here!

Dallas Children’s Theater:
Join the Dallas Children’s Theater on October 12th for their performance of Beauty and the Beast! Make sure to get your tickets early! DCT has performances throughout the year so make sure to stay up to date! Get your tickets here!

Dallas Museum of Art:
The Dallas Museum of Art is offering a sensory friendly morning on October 19th from 9-11AM.  Registration opens a month before the event, so make sure you set a reminder for yourself! This is a free event but there are limited spots. Register here!

Dream Park in Fort Worth:
We are sure many of you have heard of this amazing park before- but just in case we wanted to share it with you! Dream Park is in Fort Worth and is designed to be sensory friendly for children of all abilities! Grab your kiddos and have a blast! You can even reserve it for birthdays! Check it out before you go to prepare your kiddo.

Sensory Friendly Trick-or-Treat Event

Sensory Friendly Trick-or-Treat Event (here at PediaPlex in Southlake!!)
Most importantly, attend the PediaPlex Trick or Treat event! We hope to see you on Thursday, October 24th for our annual Halloween event! We will be continuing to host this event at our Southlake clinic from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. As always, we want you and your kiddos to join us in their Halloween costumes to trick or treat through our clinic! Don’t forget to bring a bag for all of the candy!
2425 E. Southlake Blvd.

State Fair of Texas
Did you know that the State Fair of Texas offers sensory friendly days every week of the fair?! Well, they do! Every Wednesday morning from 10am-1pm they will be offering their sensory friendly experience where they will turn off the bright lights, music, and microphones on the midway. They even have a itinerary with a list of “go-to” activities that will be easy on the eyes and ears for your child. The fair is open September 27th to October 20th.

We hope this has been loads of help! We are determined to help you and your kiddos have a super fun fall! We can’t wait to see you at our Halloween event!

To find out about additional upcoming events, check us out on Facebook and like our page!

-The PediaPlex Family

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