Easing Back into School Mode

Easing Back into School Mode

Easing Back into School Mode

A new school year is just around the corner, and summer vacation is winding down. While parents are rejoicing, kids are not always as eager to get back to school. The first few weeks can be tough as you try to get your kids back into the swing of things and readjusted to the school-year routine. Now can be a good time to start easing the transition and getting them excited for the start of the school year.

Start adjusting their bedtime and wake-up time. Abruptly going from waking up at 8 a.m. to waking up at 6 a.m. can be tough to handle. Slowly start adjusting these times by 10 or 15 minutes and let your kids get used to going to bed earlier or waking up earlier. Once they start school, they will be more alert and energized in the morning.

Talk about the upcoming school year. If your child is anxious about starting a new grade, going to a new school, or entering Kindergarten, talking about their fears can help. Ask what they are worried about and what they are excited about. Get them thinking about what they might learn or do in different subjects. A fun idea is to write down their responses before school starts, and then compare them to their responses at the end of the year.

Get them involved

Get them involved. Let your child help pick out their school supplies, choose a new lunchbox, or select a special outfit or pair of shoes to wear on the first day. Make a special spot where they can keep everything they need for school and where they can do their homework. Keep them reading, writing, and practicing math and other skills in fun ways so they feel more prepared for when school starts.

Do not forget that PediaPlex offers Kindergarten Readiness testing as well as a variety of other educational services and therapies to help your child be more successful in school. Set your kids up for success by making sure they have the support necessary to meet their needs.

We know that getting kids into the back to school routine can be tough, and we are here to help you prepare. Join PediaPlex August 9 at 6 p.m. for our Gearing Up for School event. We will also have free consultations with our Occupational, Speech, Play Therapy and ABA Therapists. Call 817-442-0022 for more details!

Leave a comment and let us know how your family prepares for back to school!

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