Does My Child Need Feeding Therapy?

Does My Child Need Feeding Therapy?

Does My Child Need Feeding Therapy?

Pickles, avocados, watermelons, bananas. What do all of these foods have in common? They all have a weird texture to them! Of course, there are many other foods that also do, those are just a few common ones you might have noticed that your child doesn’t like. The question many parents have is how to know if their child is just a picky eater or if it is a problem and if they would benefit from pediatric feeding therapy. There are a handful of signs to look for to see if your child needs feeding therapy. Every child is different, so the need and approach for feeding therapy will vary from case to case.


Signs to Look For

As we mentioned above, these are just signs that you can look for in your child. These do not necessarily mean your child needs feeding therapy, but you should continue to monitor their progress and ask your pediatrician or therapist if you have concerns. Some common concerns that we see are:

There are many reasons why children have food sensitivities or are resistant to trying new foods. Check out some commons reasons why your child might be resistant to new foods:

Tips for Sensory Friendly Eaters

At PediaPlex, we are very familiar with kiddos who have a limited diet, so we have come up with some great ways to help them when it comes to eating and trying new foods. These are great ideas to try at home with your child!

Tips for Sensory Friendly Eaters

It’s important to remember that every child is different. So what works for some children might not work for others. Symptoms and signs will look different in every child as well. If you have questions or concerns, please give us a call!

If you think your child might benefit from feeding therapy, visit our website today to fill out an intake form! Our Frisco, Fort Worth, and Southlake clinics offer pediatric feeding therapy!

-The PediaPlex Family

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