Comprehensive Testing and Diagnostic Services Help Parents Get Answers

Comprehensive Testing and Diagnostic Services Help Parents Get Answers

Comprehensive Testing and Diagnostic Services Help Parents Get Answers

Children all develop at their own pace. Some hit milestones earlier or later than their peers. This can make identifying developmental disorders, motor disorders, autism, feeding and toileting issues, and related psychological disorders more challenging because parents may not always recognize when something is amiss.  In addition, some of these conditions do not fully manifest until the child is older. Early symptoms can be easy to overlook or confuse with other issues.

If you are concerned that your child may be experiencing developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder, or any other behavioral or psychological disorder, it is essential to have your child tested as soon as possible by certified psychological experts. PediaPlex is a reliable and trustworthy provider of testing and diagnosing services for children, and all services are rendered in one convenient location close to Dallas.

The Importance of Early Intervention

The Importance of Early Intervention

Pediatric psychological testing and diagnosing can help Southlake children to receive the early intervention services they need. Early detection is a major step toward helping a child that is possibly affected by various psychological or developmental conditions. This allows them to become involved in therapies and services to treat the condition or help them find effective ways to adapt to living with the disorder.

One area that PediaPlex focuses on is diagnosing autism for children in Southlake. Prompt and comprehensive testing can allow children to be more quickly and accurately diagnosed so that they can begin receiving ABA therapy, autism care, or other services that will help to build their independence and support their development. PediaPlex testing and diagnosing services cover a wide range of other conditions as well from communication and speech disorders to sensory regulation issues to ADHD and more. PediaPlex understands the value of early intervention and helping parents to receive the answers they’re looking for as quickly and accurately as possible.

Straight from the Experts

One challenge that many parents face when their child has special needs, is that the signs and nuances of certain psychological and developmental conditions can be difficult to identify. It requires the skilled eye and years of training and experience amassed by experts in those fields. That is why PediaPlex prides itself on having a staff with substantial experience in various fields related to pediatric mental health and child development.

For instance, diagnosing ADHD in children can be tough because the signs and symptoms can be easily attributed to (or confused with) the normal challenges of being a kid, paying attention, and having too much energy. But the impact goes deeper and causes other difficulties. These trained professionals are able to conduct pediatric psychological testing and diagnosing in Southlake to identify a wide range of special needs including ADHD and autism and explain results in a way that parents can easily understand. Then, they work together with families to determine the best course of action to help children thrive.

Your All-Inclusive Child Health Center

When parents do recognize that their child may have some psychological or developmental challenges, receiving an accurate diagnosis can become a stressful and tedious task because they must go to various clinics and psychological centers that specialize in each condition. This can further delay diagnosis and treatment.

But at PediaPlex, all of these services are provided under one roof. The center has brought together specialists from multiple disciplines to provide comprehensive testing and diagnosing services in one convenient location. Children may have several different areas of need, all stemming from one condition or from multiple conditions. They can be evaluated by professionals from different fields to more effectively provide a diagnosis and determine their strengths and areas of need.

Outside of evaluating for conditions such as autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and developmental delays, PediaPlex also provides other testing services such as educational evaluations and even college accommodation testing. This ensures that all of a child’s needs are met and they receive collaborative and comprehensive care right from the start.

If you’re concerned about your child’s development and are seeking reliable and trustworthy testing and diagnosing services in Southlake, turn to PediaPlex. With a wealth of knowledge and years of experience all in one location, you can get your child the help and support they need to live their best life. Fill out a patient intake form or contact PediaPlex today to get started.

If you’re concerned about your child’s development, have them tested at PediaPlex where trained professionals can diagnose many different conditions and provide treatment.

Start your child's journey today.


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