Client Spotlight: Will & Stevie

Client Spotlight: Will & Stevie

Client Spotlight: Will & Stevie

Please meet Will & Stevie!

We absolutely love hearing about our client’s progress after they graduate from our program. Will and Stevie are no exception.


Please meet Will & Stevie!

We recently met up with their courageous mother, Nicole Laswell.

Pediaplex has been such a blessing for us!  I must say I was complacent and happy with the previous place of therapy for the boys, but because of insurance issues we had to make a move.  It all feels like it was meant to be because once we met Sonia and her daughter Megan, we knew this was the place for the boys.  And boy were we right!!  The whole fantastic team of therapists have left us beyond words of gratitude for what they were able to do for the boys and us.  We received support every step of the way, with monthly parent meetings with our wonderful BCBA (Tayla!), Speech therapists and OT Therapist.  We were all always on the same page, and they were always looking for feedback from us at home and giving us feedback from what they were getting at Pediaplex.

They all work creatively to find the solution that works best for each child.  Both our boys are on the spectrum, but they couldn’t be more different and they were all always able to find something that would work for each child for each issue we had.

They also treated us as equals in the process.  They heard us and we heard them.  It was all about collaboration.  And they were super professional, but oh so loving towards our boys.  The boys LOVED going to Pediaplex and we LOVE everyone there!  They are doing life changing work there and I cannot recommend them highly enough!!!



He received ABA, Speech and OT from 5 to 7 years old at Pediaplex

He is now at OC Taylor Elementary School in Colleyville and doing awesome!  He’s about to start the 2nd grade.

His favorite summer activity is playing video games and going to the pool!

His favorite class subject is math.  He is excelling in this area!

His hobbies are creating worlds on Minecraft, Trials Fusion on PS4 and on Roblox on the computer.  He really does make some amazing works of art using this medium.  He also loves to paint/draw/color and build with legos.  He really enjoys swimming in our community pool as well.  Being underwater and splashing others is fun for him!



He received ABA, Speech and OT from 3 to 5 years old at Pediaplex.

He is now at OC Taylor Elementary School in Colleyville and doing just as awesome as his brother!  He’s about to start 1st grade.

His favorite summer activity is playing with his superheroes, watching shows on Netflix and going to the pool.  He often asks, “Can we go see friends today?”

His favorite class subject was music and he loved his music teacher Mrs. Vencill.  Keep in mind it was Kindergarten so it’ll be interesting to see what it changes to this year.

His hobbies are playing with his superheroes, playing tag or monsters with his brother and his dad, swimming in the pool and seeing friends.  He’s become quite the chatter box and loves to tell you all about the show he’s watching and makes you watch it him and then needs to discuss everything that happened with you.  This feels like the ABA and Speech therapies definitely trained him to talk as much as possible!  Ha!

Thank you so much to the Laswell’s for trusting us and allowing us to be a part of your journey. You are awesome!

The PediaPlex Family

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