Client Spotlight: Sweet Olivia Garcia

Client Spotlight: Sweet Olivia Garcia

Client Spotlight: Sweet Olivia Garcia

Please meet Miss Olivia Garcia!

This spunky personality won our hearts the very first day. Miss Olivia is an energetic 7 year old who attends ABA therapy combined with speech therapy and occupational therapy.

We love hearing all of the amazing progress stories from our parents. The Garcia’s are no different! We asked Olivia’s mom how their journey has been here at PediaPlex.


Describe your PediaPlex experience

Describe your PediaPlex experience:
“PediaPlex has been wonderful! The parent meetings that we have once a week really help with understanding what is being worked on so that it can also be worked on at home.”

How has PediaPlex helped you?
“Olivia came to PediaPlex with a very limited vocabulary and some problem behaviors. She is now speaking in sentences and the behaviors have been reduced significantly.” 

What do you love most about PediaPlex?
“The entire staff are friendly and you can be sure they take care of the children here as if they were family.”

Thank you so much to the Garcia’s for trusting us and allowing us to be a part of your journey. You are awesome!

The PediaPlex Family


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