Client Spotlight: Mr. Jean-Paul

Client Spotlight: Mr. Jean-Paul

Client Spotlight: Mr. Jean-Paul

Please meet the energetic and joyful Mr. Jean-Paul!

JP is an active 9 year old who attends ABA therapy combined with speech therapy and occupational therapy.

We never get tired of hearing about the incredible breakthrough stories from our parents. We sat down with JP’s mom to learn about their journey with PediaPlex.

Describe your PediaPlex experience:
“We started several years ago going for OT and ST. JP has received high quality services, understanding and love from everybody at PediPlex.”

How has PediaPlex helped you?
“Our son has progressed over the years in all areas and PediaPlex has been a key component on his treatment plan .”

What do you love most about PediaPlex?
“As parents we find that PediaPlex has something that not many clinics have: it’s warm, fun,  welcoming for everybody and most important- Sonia runs the clinic with love the kids and has walked the way we are in now.”

Thank you so much for trusting us and allowing us to be a part of your journey. You are awesome!

The PediaPlex Family

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