Back to School Review: PediaPlex Helps Families Prep for School!

Back to School Review: PediaPlex Helps Families Prep for School!

Back to School Review: PediaPlex Helps Families Prep for School!

Parents across the land (in North Texas, anyhow) are slowly starting to take a collective deep breath. The kind of deep breath we take in anticipation of a busy season which, in this case, is the soon-to-be new 2019-2020 school year. SEE – I caught you holding your breath just now!!

Combining our own experiences with having young school children with autism, along with the input from our expert therapists, PediaPlex compiled these suggestions to help you stay connected and informed about your kiddos’ school year.  


We know it seems daunting but planning and managing expectations REALLY DOES HELP. But maybe more importantly, remember you and your family are not alone and not the only ones going through ASD-related challenges. You have a family at PediaPlex and we want to encourage and support your shining stars at school this year however we can!

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