5 Spring Break Activities Children Will Love

5 Spring Break Activities Children Will Love

5 Spring Break Activities Children Will Love

Spring break is a wonderful time to relax and spend quality time with your family, but it can also be challenging because it takes kids out of their normal routine, even if only for a few days. They’re used to the structure and activity of being at school and seeing their friends. They’re used to engaging in therapy activities to build their skills. Fortunately there are plenty of opportunities to keep them engaged over spring break while also still learning and practicing.

  1. Organize a Scavenger or Treasure Hunt: Make a list of different items your child has to find when you’re out and about in the community, or in your own backyard. Use pictures and/or words depending on their ability level. You can give clues or a map to help them along in finding a secret treasure and practicing following directions and problem solving.
  2. Create Sensory Stations: Set up some bins or buckets outside and fill them with different textures such as water, rice, corn, sand, water beads, shaving cream, dirt, or anything else you can think of. Give your kiddo cups, spoons, shovels, figurines, or other objects to play with in the bin.
  3. Go to the Park, Zoo, or Museum: Focus on creating interactive experiences where they can practice socialization and physical activity while learning too. Climb on playground equipment, play with a ball in the grass, see the animals, or have fun with hands-on exhibits. Many organizations will hold special events during spring break just for kids, so see what the library or other groups have to offer.
  4. Make Outdoor Artwork: Mix sensory activities, occupational therapy, and creativity by creating artwork outside. Draw with sidewalk chalk, make and blow bubbles, collect items to make a nature collage, or do some painting. Let their creative juices flow.
  5. Go Swimming. Swimming is a wonderful activity because it’s gentle and relaxing while stretching muscles. Find an indoor or outdoor pool to visit and cool off. If the pool is not an option, set up a sprinkler or even just have fun with the hose.

When planning different activities, consider your child’s needs, goals, and abilities. Adapt what you’re doing so that they can participate and join in the fun as independently as possible. Think of creative ways to integrate skills they’ve been working on in school or therapy to keep forward progress going and reinforce what they’ve learned. PediaPlex is a wonderful resource for getting your child the support they need to grow and thrive in a fun and welcoming environment. Our therapists will work with you to determine the right plan for your child and explore ways you can support them at home. Make the most of spring break by keeping your kids active and engaged.

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